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What’s New from DataGrail This Month

Sammi Reinstein, May 8, 2024

April 2024 release highlights Request Manager Workflows, integration improvements, enhanced risk visibility, and more. 

Welcome to DataGrail’s monthly release notes! April was packed with data privacy platform improvements and brand-new features—from fulfilling privacy requests in a faster, more flexible way to a sneak peek at our new geo map.

Let’s get into it. 🚀

Key feature improvements released in April

Request Manager Workflows: the fastest and most flexible way to fulfill privacy requests.

From 2021 to 2023 there has been a 246% increase in data subject requests.

We know keeping up with requests and changing regulations can be hard, that’s why we’re excited to introduce Request Manager Workflows. 

Request Manager Workflows provides you with more flexibility to programmatically configure how data subject requests are managed based on your unique business processes.

With Request Manager Workflows, you can: 

  • Reduce time to close: Close tickets faster by defining how requests are processed.
  • Ensure data fidelity: Sequence your integrations to ensure data doesn’t repopulate downstream. 
  • Replace manual processes with workflows: Replace your complex manual processes by designing workflows for specific conditions and processing that matches your business processes.
  • Skip direct contact integrations: Skip unnecessary integrations when certain conditions are met, such as the requester identifying as an employee, thus only requiring certain systems to be actioned.
  • Programmatically retain data: Define which systems retain data by programmatically excluding them from processing when specific conditions are met.

To learn more about building your first workflow, review our help docs or contact your customer success manager. 

Enhanced Spam Filtering and Blocking

To further ensure customers are able to catch bad actors submitting data subject requests and stop them in their tracks, we’ve enhanced our spam blocking and filtering. 

Customers can now add an identifier to our spam-blocking list from the DSR Details page. Blocking an identifier now performs two actions, it adds the identifier to a block list stopping new tickets from being generated from that identifier and it closes all open tickets that are associated with that identifier.

More visibility into added systems from the Dashboard

We’ve added a new card to our Dashboard so you can easily view the number of systems added over the last 30 days. This links right to the inventory page so you can review those systems and take the right next action.

Responsible Data Discovery for HubSpot  

Responsible Data Discovery enables the most secure, accurate, automated data mapping by continuously identifying and classifying personal data categories found within systems. 

Now, customers can use Responsible Data Discovery to discover and categorize the data used by Hubspot. Click here to learn more about how to use Responsible Data Discovery for HubSpot.

Integration improvements 

  • Additional integration messaging: Some integrations don’t delete upon request due to the processor’s data retention policies. To ensure full visibility of this, customers will now receive more context in-app. When an integration is set to delete data at a future date in time, DataGrail will display specific information about when the request was submitted and if available, when the data is expected to be deleted. 

  • Configurable deletion behavior for certain integrations: Customers can now configure certain integrations to either move tickets to a completed state or continue processing until the deletion request is completed. Read more about this here.  

  • Enhanced and new third-party integrations: Emarsys can be used as a Transactional Mailer and Volumental can be enabled for Request Manager. Our BrainTree integration has been enhanced and can now be used for  deletions in Request Manager. 
  • Improved SSO System Detection Capabilities: We’ve improved our matching algorithm to deliver more accurate and comprehensive system detection for customers that connect their systems through Okta SSO or Azure (MS Entra ID) SSO.
  • Better app performance for checkboxes: We’ve made an improvement to make our checkboxes faster. Now, when checking/unchecking integrations, updates are added to the queue and the UI state is updated appropriately after the update has been processed.

🌎 Coming soon: monitoring risk exposure with a Geo Map 

We heard you—and it’s coming soon. Live Data Map is getting equipped with a geo map so customers can get a visual representation of their privacy risk. 

With this geo map, you can surface key insights around what systems are processing personal data in each region. This enables customers to proactively identify risk as it relates to new regulations as well as being able to communicate relevant insights and collaborate with stakeholders and executives. 

This feature is in early access to customers who want to share feedback. Reach out to your customer success manager or email our product manager, Lisa Wang to join the early access program!

That wraps up April’s release notes! We’re excited to keep shipping and would love to hear from you. You can always leave feedback for us by clicking ‘Product Feedback’ in the side navigation.

For questions, please reach out directly to your CSM or email [email protected]. If you’d like a demo of the DataGrail platform, reach out to us here

Until next time 👋

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