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Introducing DataGrail’s Managed Services: Supporting and Strengthening Privacy Teams

DataGrail, July 25, 2023

By Brittney Hall

I’m thrilled to introduce the data privacy industry’s first managed services solution. DataGrail’s Managed Services offering offloads the burden of day-to-day tasks so teams can maintain their focus on program strategy, impact, and maturity. 

We heard loud and clear from our customers that many felt overwhelmed with the sheer volume of privacy requests, while others wanted help with driving urgency and execution for annual data mapping exercises. 

The data privacy industry continues to morph and expand as lawsuits settle and new privacy laws pass, making matters more complex. Based on customer feedback, all signs point to a desire for regular access to a privacy expert who can guide teams through these changes.

DataGrail is happy to announce our Managed Services offering is here to help. 

A Partner To Help Mature Your Privacy Program

DataGrail already partners closely with customers to support them in building, maintaining, and scaling their privacy programs. To provide additional assistance, we designed our services packages to accelerate data subject request (DSR) fulfillment and data mapping processes, while streamlining internal resources and decreasing the pressure for additional headcount. 

Our Managed Services allow customers to continue accessing the same reporting, auditing, and dashboard capabilities required to run a strategic program with the added bonus of a trusted partner to complete the bulk of day-to-day tasks. Our technical privacy experts serve as thought partners and surface complex, sensitive issues for privacy and legal leadership teams to review and sign off on with a well-defined escalation path.

Our Managed Services offering is already a hit with customers. Dexcom’s Privacy Legal Counsel Sean Kellogg is a fan:

“DataGrail Managed Services has been a game changer for us. We went from two employees working 20+ hours a week on requests to one employee working less than 5 hours a week. Not only that, but our overall efficiency in responding has increased and all of our metrics are on the rise. Would highly recommend!”

DataGrail’s Managed Services allow customers to:

  • Focus on Strategy — Focus your security, legal, and privacy teams on their most strategic work while DataGrail handles day-to-day operations. 
  • Protect Internal Resources — Decrease the need for additional headcount and streamline internal resource use. 
  • Handle High Privacy Request Volume — Consumers expect control over their data. Companies must respond promptly to privacy requests to maintain brand trust and loyalty.  

How To Know if DataGrail’s Managed Services Offering Is for You

After many customer and industry conversations, we’ve found Managed Services to be the perfect fit if your:

  • Organization lacks a full-time privacy practitioner
  • General counsel is responsible for privacy and related requests, but it isn’t a primary focus
  • Organization strives to meet shifting data privacy regulations and increasing consumer expectations while keeping a handle on hard-to-secure headcount

Our Managed Services help teams with routine operations so they can focus on running highly scalable and reliable data privacy programs to fully protect consumer information and outsmart business risk.

If it sounds like DataGrail’s Managed Services could work for your privacy team, contact us directly for more information. 

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