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DataGrail Recognized in Gartner® Market Guide for Subject Rights Requests

DeAndrea Salvador, November 11, 2021

Data subject rights requests are at the heart of all privacy regulations. Finding the right privacy solution to help manage and automate those requests is crucial to creating a robust privacy program and building customer trust. For those reasons, we’re proud that DataGrail is a ‘Representative Vendor’ in Gartner’s latest report—which we believe showcases our continued leadership in the industry.   Out of an estimated 100 players in the Subject Rights Request (SRR) Automation market, DataGrail was one of only ten vendors listed as a representative vendor in the market guide. 

Since the company’s founding in late 2018, companies large and small have trusted DataGrail to help them effortlessly build privacy programs. Brands like Revolve, NETGEAR, Hubspot, Okta, Databricks, Overstock, and RH chose DataGrail for many reasons, with our automation, usability, and comprehensive integrations rising to the top. 

Download a complimentary copy of Gartner’s Market Guide for Subject Rights Request Automation to learn more about the space and ways to enhance the privacy end-user experience. 

Here are Highlights From the Market Guide:

(Once Again) Gartner Expects Growth in Subject Rights Requests

Gartner estimates, “by 2023, 75% of the world’s population will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations, up from 25% today.” This rapid acceleration of global privacy is primarily driven by legislators responding to most sectors’ massive digitalization and growing consumer concerns. It is also expected that over time—as more data privacy laws are passed—it will further educate consumers/data subjects to exercise their rights. In short: this is just the beginning of modern data privacy for companies.

Layered on top of the growth of subject rights requests,  the cost of processing subject rights is becoming more expensive when handled manually. As highlighted in the market guide, “most organizations are processing between 51 and 100 subject rights requests (SRRs) per month, with the processing of a single access request costing more than $1,500.” This is up from $1,406 in Gartner’s 2020 report to $1,524 in the 2021 report. With monthly subject rights requests increasing on average, every penny counts. By our calculations, that could amount to  $76,500 to $150,000 monthly costs associated with subject rights requests (51 – 100 requests monthly).  The Market Guide lays out the ways companies can respond to their customer’s growing demands and maintain trust. 

Automation Will Be a Growing Component in Managing Subject Rights Requests 

The need for automation to help with the processing of data subject’s rights is growing in importance as well.  Gartner’s research discovered that a “repeatable and scalable process” is needed to remain manageable and efficient when managing Subject Rights Requests. Manual processes and spreadsheets, for many companies, will not cut it anymore as consumer expectations of privacy programs continue to increase.

One such finding is that it’s not just about the cost to process a request. There are high costs to mishandling of subjects’ rights as well—even if you’re well-intentioned. 

You can read the full report here.

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