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DataGrail Named a ‘High Performer’ in Fall 2021 G2 Report for Data Privacy

DeAndrea Salvador, October 8, 2021

This week, we’re excited to announce that DataGrail has once again been named a “High Performer” in G2’s Fall 2021 Grid® Report for Data Privacy.

2021 has been a groundbreaking year for data privacy, and it isn’t over yet. We’ve seen one of the most stringent data privacy laws in the world passed in the form of China’s Personal Information Protection Law. In the United States, following the passage of the CRPA in late 2020, we’ve also seen Colorado and Virginia pass their own comprehensive data privacy laws in 2021. There are now several additional states considering privacy laws as well.  

DataGrail has also experienced tremendous growth. We raised a $30 million in our Series B round in March, added new employees at a dizzying pace, built new features into our product, and welcomed many more great customers into the DataGrail community like Overstock, Crossbeam, and Plume.

Still, our most fulfilling recognition has been the high esteem of our customers for our support and products. And, with that—we’re excited to announce that DataGrail has compiled the results of G2’s Fall 2021 Grid Report for Data Privacy.

Based entirely on customer reviews, G2 reports show that DataGrail has continued its streak of excellence:

G2’s Fall 2021 Grid Report for Data Privacy 

Creating an Unmatched Return on Investment

The table below highlights the average user adoption of each product as indicated in real user reviews on G2. DataGrail had the lowest estimated Return on Investment, in just one year.

We’re proud of our high user satisfaction ratings, particularly in regards to product ROI. DataGrail is the only Data Privacy Management solution to provide positive ROI in the first year. All other companies’ customers cited payback periods ranging from 15 months to 35 months to see an estimated return on investment.

Top Marks in Serving Customers

DataGrail was ranked the highest in areas that reflect the loyalty of customers and excellence of our customer success team, including:

  • Likelihood to Recommend
  • Ease of Doing Business With 
  • Quality of Support 
  • Net Promoter Score

Leading the Pack in Customer Satisfaction

Part of what drives DataGrail’s high satisfaction score is our commitment to the onboarding process. We work alongside customers every step of the way so they can effortlessly and continuously comply with existing and emerging privacy laws without wasting time on tedious integration stages.

You can also check out our customer reviews on G2. 

Take a look at what our reviewers had to say: 

“It’s made my job so much easier, and Datagrail has become a very trusted tool for our company. We were able to integrate Datagrail with the various programs and systems that we use across the company to ensure compliance within those systems – Datagrail basically does the work for you in the background so you can focus on bigger picture items. The admin team at Datagrail has also been nothing but helpful – we appreciate everything they’ve done to ensure we stay in compliance!” – Shanna S., Manager Operations

“DataGrail is a straightforward tool to use to automate privacy requests. The team has been extremely helpful in getting us up and running and making sure we have everything we need. It has made managing privacy requests and inventory mapping 100x easier. We no longer need to keep spreadsheets of services used and how user data flows through them. Also, love that we can easily track every step of the privacy request process and have total visibility into every request.” – Administrator in Computer Software

“The application is comprehensive and intuitive to use, and the training team is second-to-none. Our team had a wonderful experience working with DataGrail to identify creative solutions that were straightforward to implement quickly. When working with sensitive information and complicated tasks intertwined with constantly updating privacy laws across the US, DataGrail has quickly become a necessary asset for our company to maintain compliance.” – Sarah G, Manager of Customer Support 


Check out the Grid® Report for Data Privacy Management | Fall 2021 here to see for yourself. If you’re interested in how DataGrail can help you automate and scale a privacy program that builds trust with customers, it’s a great time to request a demo.


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