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Data Privacy

Introducing GrailCast: Your Executive Briefing on Privacy

Daniel Barber, October 8, 2020

One of my favorite aspects of the last decade spent working in technology has been getting to sit down with friends, colleagues, and mentors to learn and compare how they see the market evolving. 

And with a new privacy reform on the horizon just about every year now, it’s all privacy professionals can do to keep up.

That’s why I’m proud to announce GrailCast, your executive briefing on privacy. 

Hear from privacy leaders

With the privacy landscape evolving faster than ever, GrailCast lets you hear directly from privacy leaders on emerging trends, risks, and opportunities in 15 minute, coffee break-sized conversations.

In our first 3 episodes, learn from executives at Outreach, ZoomInfo, and G2. Keep an eye out for a new episode every two weeks! 

And don’t hesitate to send or tweet us feedback about the show, including what you want to hear! Find me on Twitter @gaijindan and we’re @DataGrail.

Where to find us

You can find the GrailCast on your favorite channels like Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and TuneIn Radio

In this episode, listen to Sarah Mattina, the General Counsel at G2, share:

  • How she thinks about privacy regulations when they contradict one another
  • How she works with her team as the only lawyer
  • And how she uses DataGrail to comply with both CCPA and GDPR

In this episode, listen to Anthony Stark, the General Counsel at ZoomInfo, share:

  • Why it is doubly important for data products like ZoomInfo to be privacy leaders
  • Why ad tech may be the industry most ripe for the next privacy disruption
  • How to treat privacy as an opportunity rather than a burden

GrailCast by DataGrail · Episode 3: Martin Rues, CISO at OutreachIn this episode, listen to Martin Rues, the CISO at Outreach, share:
In this episode, listen to Martin Rues, the CISO at Outreach, share:
  • How he thinks about building privacy that’s easy for his customers, not just his team
  • The two privacy publications he posted as required reading in Slack after onboarding
  • How Apple is making privacy sexy for the first time ever

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