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Sam East – Why I Joined DataGrail

DataGrail, July 27, 2022

Sam East

After the Cambridge Analytca scandal in 2018, it seemed like overnight consumer awareness of how data is being collected, sold, and shared became top-of-mind for every consumer and every business. Right on the heels of that scandal came GDPR, and it was a moment of awakening worldwide. New regulations popping up around the world were putting even more of a focus on making data privacy a true priority, and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I wanted to be part of a mission-driven company that would make changes on a global scale. 

The Importance of Being Mission-Driven

I wanted to help build a company that made some difference in the world, which is exactly what DataGrail is doing. Talk to any DataGrail employee and there is a genuine desire to help companies better manage the data of their customers – ultimately ensuring that individuals have greater data privacy on the Internet.

In addition to embarking on deeply important work, DataGrail allows me to sell into an audience that I understand well – corporate buyers who have a lot of the same concerns as customers I’ve worked with in the past. They buy software in a very similar way; ask similar questions, have similar concerns, but with far more of a mission-driven emphasis, which gets me really excited.

The DataGrail Difference

DataGrail has differentiated itself through an obsessive focus on one aspect of the market, which is how do we help our customers protect and manage the privacy of their customers? DataGrail provides a very integration-forward solution. We believe that we need to integrate into every place where personal information could reside for our customers. Only after this is done can we truly understand their risks to trust and compliance– and we help them manage those risks through an incredible automated solution.

There is an unprecedented opportunity for DataGrail. Several market drivers are coalescing right now to prompt demand as companies grapple with how to respect their customers’ right to privacy while still running a business during a period of immense and rapid change. And companies are realizing that they can unlock new value and free up internal resources through the comprehensive automated data privacy management that the DataGrail platform provides. 

I couldn’t be more excited to grow sales for a company – filled with amazing people – that stands up for data privacy while giving businesses new opportunities to flourish.

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