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A 360-Degree Approach to Privacy: Celebrating Our Partnership with Okta

Daniel Barber, October 22, 2019

One of the many upsides of July’s funding news was the addition of Okta to our investor lineup. Okta is a top leader in the Identity-as-a-Service category with over 6,000 integrations. We are honored to be chosen as the second company invested in by their recently created Okta Ventures team. 

A common obstacle facing our customers is automating the process of complying with privacy regulations, like GDPR and CCPA, without slowing their business down to a crawl. Our partnership with Okta strengthens our ability to help our mutual customers overcome this challenge, allowing them to think proactively about the connection between secure identity and data privacy.

The current approach to data mapping is via spreadsheets or manual workflows. These are problematic though, as these solutions require manual updates when new systems are added to the tech stack (i.e. your marketing team purchases a new tool outside the normal IT or procurement process). In turn, this grows relentlessly tedious and inefficient for the teams managing this manual process - not to mention risky because processes that require human intervention inevitably result in errors.

As Monty Gray, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development said about the partnership, “DataGrail integrates with leading applications and infrastructure solutions (i.e. Okta, Adobe, Salesforce, AWS, etc.) and offers its customers continuous compliance for current and forthcoming privacy regulations — such as Europe’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, and Nevada’s SB-220. Companies are relying more and more on cloud apps, while consumers are demanding increased privacy. DataGrail fills an important void for companies seeking a solution to maintain compliance and offers our customers the unique ability to take a 360-degree approach to ensure data privacy.”

We solve compliance problems with our Live Data Inventory and Mapping. Together with Okta, our shared customers shortcut the process of mapping their systems and establish continuous compliance with regulations faster and more reliably.

One of our mutual customers is, based in Seattle, WA. Martin Rues is the Chief Information Security Officer at and highlights the need for technology to enable secure identity and data privacy at scale. When asked about the biggest benefit of the partnership he responded “Automation, hands down. I need a bigger team than I have, and I’ll only be able to scale with tools like DataGrail and Okta. We need to prepare for increased data access requests globally even if the volume is low today. Technology helps keep our team lean and saves us time.”

Customers like Martin motivate our team to continue adding new partnerships and integrations to simplify compliance in the ever-changing landscape of data privacy. We’re excited about the future of our partnership with Okta and grateful for the opportunity to work alongside their team supporting our mutual customers. 

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