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Given AI’s transformative power, brands are scrambling to best govern AI usage to scale and transform their business.

We must think differently about AI in relation to data privacy. The future of data privacy is not about how much we collect, but how responsibly it is used and how we can realistically safeguard it so that we get the best out of AI without violating data privacy laws.

AI governance is all about reducing the data privacy risk businesses incur when opting to use AI in their custom solutions, third party solutions, or when employees use AI without proper vetting.

Join Alicia diVittorio, Mark Melnychenko, Gary Flake, and Courtney Ingraffia Barton to learn:

  • The different types of AI and risks associated with each
  • What you need to know about AI related data privacy laws
  • How to ensure responsible use of generative AI in data privacy
Alicia diVittorio
Mark Melnychenko
Privacy Technology Practice Leader, BDO
Gary Flake
Inventor, Data Scientist, former CTO Salesforce
Courtney Ingraffia Barton
Vice President & Senior Counsel, Privacy & Data Security, Global Compliance, Marriott International