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By now we know you’ve heard: everyone is counting down to 2023 and the official launch of the CPRA. But are you and your company ready? Join privacy expert Alex Krylov and Drift's Corporate Counsel, Sarah Gatti, for an open conversation around privacy and the new draft regulations. What will we see when CPRA rulemaking is complete? How can you talk to your colleagues and company leaders about the impact of CPRA on your business? In this webinar we’ll cover it all, plus:

  • How would we define CPRA "preparedness" and "compliance"? What's a compliance MVP?
  • Where do we think we'll need to iterate and calibrate the most as this is introduced?
  • What major blind spots and gray spaces will we likely need to navigate through 2023?

Join us for a combination of DataGrail proprietary data and our privacy experts’ lived experience running privacy programs.