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Simplify Privacy with DataGrail and HubSpot

DataGrail's HubSpot integration allows businesses already using HubSpot to:​

  • Process privacy requests in minutes
  • Automatically find & inventory personal data
  • Ensure sustained compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and more

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Industry Recognition

DataGrail's integrations with top business apps, including HubSpot, made it easy for us to automate management of our privacy rights' compliance. We can handle privacy requests faster and easier than before, and address our customers' privacy rights with confidence.
Vincent Samuel, Head of Data Protection, Plume

Simplify GDPR, CCPA and similar data privacy compliance for your business.​

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Live Data Discovery & Map

Eliminate time-consuming data inventory surveys

  • Discover and map personal data in seconds – not weeks or even months.
  • Continually refresh a live inventory as new systems and fields are added.
  • Free your team from manual back and forth emails.
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Request Manager

Complete a Data Subject Request (DSR/DSAR) in minutes

  • Automate access, deletion, and do-not-sell (opt out) requests with just a few clicks.
  • Authenticate requestor identities using pre-existing data with DataGrail’s Smart Verification system.
  • Avoid hassling busy system owners, let our systems do the work.

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Reduce the risk of hefty fines and losing customers​

  • Unify and propagate email preferences across all communication systems.
  • Keep compliance logs and avoid thrashing as privacy requirements change.
  • Monitor whether users are recreated after deletion.

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