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Andy Dale, General Counsel at Alyce Inc. Featured in Episode 15 of The GrailCast

DataGrail, July 8, 2021

Today we released episode 15 of the GrailCast, featuring Andy Dale, General Counsel at Alyce Inc. 

In the most recent episode, Andy shared advice and tips for privacy professionals and leaders at modern businesses including:

  • Top learnings from the Data Protection Breakfast Club, an ongoing show focused on data privacy and protection with industry leaders
  • How to staff a privacy team and set them up for success
  • Unique sources for the latest information on privacy and security


Andy Dale is General Counsel of Alyce, Inc. leading all legal affairs including data privacy and corporate compliance.  He has led the legal, privacy and compliance functions at SessionM, Inc. a customer loyalty and marketing platform which was acquired by Mastercard in 2019 and at dataxu. Inc. an advertising technology company which is now owned by Roku.  He was also a member of the legal team at TD Ameritrade (AMTD) advising the business on technology, commercial contracts, advertising/marketing, data privacy and intellectual property.  Andy received his BA from Colgate University, his JD from University of Baltimore and holds the IAPP’s CIPP/US and CIPP/E certifications.  


Privacy is shifting in a new direction, drawing attention from businesses, consumers, and regulators

  • Lots of people from ad tech are transitioning to privacy once they notice what issues arise and where the industry is headed
  • Consumers are trading consent and cookies in exchange for the use of free products or services
  • Companies like Google and Apple are making a lot of the decisions when it comes to timing for implementing newer privacy technologies and requirements

Staffing a privacy team is one of the first steps to take for larger companies looking to comply with modern regulations

  • Businesses with a privacy focus should look to place a Chief Privacy Officer at the head of their team early on
  • General counsel can fulfill some of the privacy roles at a company, especially when equipped with the right technology

Andy also shared many other pieces of advice and tips for privacy professionals in the full episode

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