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Employee Spotlight: Matt Barclay, Product Intern

DataGrail April 14, 2021

DataGrail’s Employee Spotlight series highlights the person behind the professional, digging deep and discovering what drives our team members.

Matt Barclay is a mathematics student at the University of Victoria. Most of his experience is with abstract algebra and Matt has a particular interest in logic and mathematical language which he has begun to explore. Matt is new to working in tech and related privacy concerns.

What excites you about joining the DataGrail team?

The complex challenge of navigating, mapping, and categorizing the emerging privacy policies and related services provides a new focused problem to solve. I’m excited to tackle this with a team I’ve heard only good things about. Data privacy is an important personal security concern, one which I hope I can help improve on during my time at DataGrail.

What’s your role at DataGrail, and how do you see yourself growing over the next 2 years?

I am a product intern working on the Live Data Map. I will be researching companies, their products and services, what kind of personal information they collect, and how it is collected. I’m looking forward to learning new skills alongside an excellent team and to be working in the tech space.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Read and Fully understand the proofs of Gödel’s incompleteness theorems.

Why did you choose to work in technology, and what led you to working at a startup?

It’s a fast paced, driven environment which innovates and works on solving new emerging problems. There are a lot of talented people with whom to immerse myself with and quickly learn new things.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I’m an avid runner, enjoying both trail and road running, and I also climb and bike casually. I’m a borderline filmophile who enjoys late night shows with little to no other people in the theatre. 

Matt running down Mount Seymour


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