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Employee Spotlight: Elie Jordi, Sales Development Representative

DataGrail May 5, 2020

DataGrail’s Employee Spotlight series highlights the person behind the professional, digging deep and discovering what drives our team members.

This week’s spotlight features Elie Jordi. He received his Bachelors of Science in energy and international relations from the University of Vermont and previously worked as a market operations specialist at Leap. 

Born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard, Elie is a Bay Area transplant –– just checking out what the other coast has to offer.

What excites you about joining the DataGrail team?

Creating positive change in the world around me has always been my personal thesis. Bringing a platform to market that empowers individuals to take control of their data was a unique and timely opportunity that I could not pass up. Reinforced by privacy legislation at the state and federal level, I am inspired by how uniquely DataGrail is positioned to leap into the market. 

On top of all of this – the people at DataGrail are all time. From recent grads to seasoned professionals, the DataGrail team has curated an eclectic cohort of energetic, supportive and hardworking individuals that are fantastic to work alongside. 

What’s your role at DataGrail, and how do you see yourself growing over the next 2 years?

My role is to further develop our sales strategy, capitalize on new market opportunities and source high-value deals. Over the next few years, I see myself developing a repertoire of sales skills, becoming familiar with the data privacy space at large and learning the fundamentals of scaling a business successfully.

What has been your favorite project or challenge you’ve worked on in your career?

My work experience has made me passionate about the diverse set of applications, creative projects and innovative growth across industries. At Leap, I worked in a market operations role which allowed me to develop a holistic understanding of the energy landscape and gain operational experience in all aspects of the business. Now at DataGrail, I am excited to dive into the SDR role and further refine my business strategy skills as a member of the sales team. 

 If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would love to be fluent in French. 

I have taken many French classes. I even lived with a Swiss family in Geneva for eight months. Yet my French remains sub-par.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Growing up on an island, I always had a love for being on the water – sailing, surfing and fishing. Now living on the opposite coast, my free time in San Francisco has expanded to morning Hawk Hill bike rides, hours trying to learn new songs on the Uke and planning the next abroad adventure with friends.

Elie surfing at home on Martha’s Vineyard


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