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Data privacy and protection continue to be top of mind for consumers and businesses alike.

Consumers want, expect, and demand privacy and transparency about how businesses use and protect their data. New and changing laws support rising consumer expectations, and many businesses must comply with privacy regulations.

However, it’s more than just having to comply. Brands that want to prioritize consumer privacy and take the steps to do so, even if they aren’t required to, will win customer trust and loyalty. E-commerce brands and retailers are on a journey to give their customers what they want — especially when it comes to data privacy

DataGrail surveyed thousands of consumers in 2022 to understand brand perceptions, and how they relate to trust and loyalty. In our Privacy and E-Commerce Report you’ll learn:

  • What it takes to stay compliant with data privacy laws while exceeding customer expectations
  • Steps to take to balance personalization and privacy
  • What generations with the most purchasing power expect out of a brand
  • Which industries have the most (and least) brand trust across generations

And more!

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