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Wedding Company Loves Union of Privacy Automation and Excellent Customer Support

Zola is a wedding company that serves as a one-stop destination for a couple’s wedding planning needs, with tools for both engaged couples and their wedding guests ranging from registry planning and gifting, to wedding website designs with matching stationery suites, to a marketplace to connect with local wedding vendors and more.

Emerging privacy regulations like the CCPA or CPRA meant that Zola needed a scalable solution to maintain brand trust and honor customers’ right to privacy.

When the CCPA went into effect in 2020, Zola knew that couples already had enough on their plates without having to worry about their privacy. Zola needed a solution to uphold their customers’ privacy rights and build trust.

Founded: 2013
Industry: E-commerce & Internet
Location: New York, NY
Size: 100+ Employees
Privacy Team: 2 Lawyers
  • Before CCPA enforcement began, Zola’s team quickly realized that it would be highly manual and expensive to manage privacy requests internally.
  • With DataGrail, Zola could quickly and accurately fulfill privacy requests without intensive involvement from additional teams like engineering.
  • Zola’s legal team especially loves the top-tier customer support they’ve received throughout their time with DataGrail
The Challenge

When CCPA enforcement was slated to begin in 2020, Zola’s legal team was tasked with figuring out their best strategy for privacy request fulfillment. Laura McAleer, Senior Counsel, ran an internal review with Stephane Bailliez, SVP of Engineering, to interview stakeholders and determine where personal data lived in their systems.

It quickly became clear that processing requests internally would not be feasible nor a good use of internal resources.

In order to fulfill a privacy request manually, McAleer would have to ensure that stakeholders from different departments pulled data accurately and in a timely manner. This manual tracking would be difficult given that these departments typically did not interact with one another and communication was limited.

Zola determined that engineering resources could be better used on the core business rather than building an internal tool to manage privacy requests. Developing and maintaining a privacy solution was seen as “undifferentiated heavy lifting” that could be streamlined by using DataGrail.

Laura McAleer
Senior Counsel
The Solution

After evaluating multiple vendors on the privacy market, McAleer was impressed by DataGrail’s Request manager for two key reasons.

First, Request Manager stood out as an easy tool to understand and use.

Since McAleer would be the primary person working with the product, having an intuitive interface was especially appealing. Additionally, after purchasing DataGrail, McAleer trained a few members of Zola’s customer support team on how to use the product and they took to it very quickly despite not having a legal background.

Second, DataGrail’s integrations with third-party applications were critical for Zola’s privacy needs.

Zola’s platform relied on a significant number of applications, which would have been very tediou to manually access or delete personal data from.

Request Manager’s depth and breadth of integrations stood out from other privacy vendors and gave McAleer confidence that manual labor would be minimal.

With DataGrail’s Request Manager, privacy request management was streamlined into an easy and accurate process. Request Manager connected to key customer service and marketing systems to allow McAleer to process requests with minimal involvement from other teams.

Unlike the other players we looked at in the space, DataGrail’s platform is simple to use.”
Laura McAleer
Senior Counsel
The Results

By automating privacy request fulfillment, Request Manager saved resources and minimized risk for Zola through reducing people involved and time spent on fulfilling a single request.

Beyond the platform itself, the Zola team has been truly delighted by the
top-tier customer support provided by DataGrail. McAleer especially appreciates the responsiveness of her customer success manager, saying that her life is made easier by being able to lean on DataGrail’s support whenever it is needed.

Additionally, Zola appreciates DataGrail’s clear commitment to its customers by listening to Zola’s product requests and building appropriately. Suzanne Lee, SVP Legal, noted that working with DataGrail feels like a partnership because DataGrail openly receives feedback and strives to build the best user experience possible.

As new regulations emerge and the business grows rapidly, Zola can easily scale its privacy request management with the help of automation via Request Manager. The Zola team is also confident that DataGrail’s product offering will continue to adapt and serve their privacy needs better and better
in the future.

  • Outstanding Support Zola’s legal team especially loves the top tier
    customer support
  • Reduced Risk in existing and emerging regulations
  • Significant Cost Savings in time and labor
Given how CCPA is going, it seems privacy is only going to get more complicated with more states passing similar regulations. After looking at the numbers, managing privacy with DataGrail just made sense.”
Suzanne Lee
SVP Legal

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