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Build customer trust through privacy with DataGrail and Salesforce

DataGrail’s Salesforce integration allows businesses using Salesforce to:

  • Discover applications in use that may contain personal data (PII)
  • Quickly and easily identify system owners for data mapping
  • Automate your privacy program and stay compliant with the GDPR, the CCPA, the CPRA, and more
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See how DataGrail can leverage Salesforce to securely automate your data privacy program.

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Integrating DataGrail with critical systems like Salesforce is a game changer. Maintaining GDPR and CCPA compliance is now a short and easy part of my job, taking up at most ten minutes a day. At the same time, I feel confident that Drift is compliant and can provide fast service and attention to individuals making GDPR and CCPA requests.
Sarah Gatti, Associate General Counsel, Drift
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Automate Data Discovery & Mapping​

Automatically discover applications and identify their system owners and contacts.

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Securely Process Privacy Requests in Minutes

Reduce risk and eliminate manual processes, emails, spreadsheets, and workflows.

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No-Code Onboarding

Securely and quickly connect DataGrail with Salesforce and be up and running within 60 days or less.

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Identify Shadow IT Systems

Receive alerts when DataGrail detects any third-party systems that should be in Salesforce.

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