Does the CCPA / CPRA apply to your business?

No, your business is not subject to CCPA / CPRA at this time.

According to the information you provided, your business is not subject to CCPA / CPRA requirements at this time. However, company changes over time and/or regulation changes may impact your business' need to comply. Many companies are opting for more conservative approaches regardless, going beyond privacy laws to improve user experiences with privacy and incorporate transparency into their brand.

Even if your business does not need to comply with the CCPA / CPRA at this time, the GDPR or other privacy regulations may still apply. Stay informed on all regulations and how those requirements compare to CCPA / CPRA with some of our resources:

This CCPA / CPRA compliance checklist is meant to provide general information and should be used as a reference. It is not a legal document and does not provide legal advice. Neither the author nor DataGrail will assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of this article. Always consult your attorney on matters of legal compliance.

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