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Employee Spotlight: Caroline Kilgore, Senior Account Executive

DataGrail January 23, 2020

DataGrail’s Employee Spotlight series highlights the person behind the professional, digging deep and discovering what drives our team members.

Caroline joins DataGrail as a Senior Account Executive. With 6+ years of startup sales experience, she brings a passion for building, problem solving, and all things data. Caroline is a graduate of Cornell University and a Southern California native.

What excites you about joining the DataGrail team?

While working in analytics, I’ve seen first-hand how companies struggle to wrap their heads around the new data privacy laws that are rapidly put into place. Scaling and automating these workflows, maintaining compliance, and keeping up on new laws seems impossible for a lot of organizations. And, what is most unique about this “problem” is that companies don’t have a choice; they must comply.

I was drawn to DataGrail’s unique customer centric and automated approach to helping companies tackle this necessary project. DataGrail has an all-star leadership team that I’m excited to learn from! In this city of disruptors, we’ve built SaaS solutions for everything. Why shouldn’t we improve the data privacy experience with SaaS too?

What’s your role at DataGrail, and how do you see yourself growing over the next 2 years?

As a Senior Account Executive, I assist new customers in evaluating and implementing a scalable solution for managing/maintaining data privacy compliance.

Over the next 2 years, I look forward to growing as an expert, leader, and disruptor. I want to learn enough to consider myself a data privacy partner for my customers and provide value beyond the tooling.

Overall, I’m ready to establish myself as someone that my team members can look to for guidance. As our processes become more repeatable, I’ll continue to push myself to discover new efficiencies and always ask questions.

What has been your favorite project or challenge you’ve worked on in your career?

I consider myself a builder: someone who’s fascinated with experimenting, breaking things down, and finding efficiencies. I thrive by donning many hats (often at the same time) and constantly iterating.

I really discovered this in my last role as one of the first sales hires at Periscope Data. Not only did I help to grow contract values, shorten sales cycles, and sell into a virtually new “persona” of data professionals, but I also learned how to help our customers use data to hit their own goals.

This was an enormous, never-ending learning curve, but I learned so much about how different businesses are run and the importance of data as a competitive advantage. I also grew fairly versed on the technical side of data analytics and data management, which was a big goal of mine.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Speak many languages!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I travel at every opportunity! Whether it’s a local weekend in Napa or a safari in Africa, I always have a trip marked on the calendar or a working list of all the places that I’m aching to visit. After attending the School of Hospitality Administration at Cornell, I developed an incredible appreciation for memorable hotel and restaurant experiences, often planning my trips around where to stay and eat!

When at home, I love to entertain my guests. I collect dish sets, glassware, and tabletop anything. I’m known for elaborately decorating the table for even the smallest occasion! I’m also one of the rare ones that still enjoys going to the theater to see a movie!

Caroline on vacation

Caroline on a safari

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