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Employee Spotlight: Carol Tang, Head of Marketing

Kyle Schryver December 21, 2018

DataGrail’s Employee Spotlight series highlights the person behind the professional, digging deep and discovering what drives our team members.

This week’s spotlight features Carol Tang, DataGrail’s Head of Marketing. Carol has 8 years of both b2b and b2c marketing experience in the Bay Area and was an engineer in a prior life.

What is your role at DataGrail?

I run Marketing at DataGrail — which includes everything from branding, product marketing, events and PR to digital campaigns, website, and marketing ops/automation. This covers a lot of ground in many different areas, and my role as the first marketing person is to get these disciplines up and running and ready to scale.

What is your favorite part of working in the San Francisco Bay Area?

The sheer abundance of opportunities here is really incomparable to anywhere else. Sometimes when you’re in the day-to-day, you forget how unique the Bay Area is in terms of quality and quantity of growing companies, networking opportunity, and the real impact of your work. It’s truly a special place.

What excites you about joining the DataGrail team?

The company is undoubtedly doing exciting things in a challenging industry, but what really won me over is the genuine authenticity and caliber of the team. I’d been working with DataGrail on a limited consulting basis prior, and when I met the entire team in person, it was crystal clear that this is a place where ego, politics, and selfishness weren’t a factor — only exceptional people doing exceptional work.

I’ve been so impressed with the leadership team, the structure and organization of the company as well as the support provided to each employee for personal and professional growth.

What has been the most interesting project you’ve worked on in the past?

While working at StubHub, I managed part of their paid search (Google Ads) program. Prior to that year’s NFL football season, I did an analysis on the performance of different campaigns for specific teams based on their weekly schedules. I found that people often bought last-minute tickets for home games, so campaign performance would be great for the few days leading up to a home game but not so great if a team was playing away from home.

We used this information to adjust the bidding strategies for each team every week that season and saw significant cost savings and performance improvements based on those changes. It’s one of the most interesting and memorable projects for me because (1) we saw direct, real-time impact each week, (2) my husband was excited that I was so knowledgeable about NFL schedules that year, and (3) it’s something I could easily explain to my family — unlike many of the other tech/saas projects I’ve worked on!

How/Why did you pivot to marketing with an engineering background?

I started my career as an engineer in the defense industry but always felt attracted to something more creative and dynamic. After 6 years, I finally decided to pursue an MBA, thinking I would go into technical product management. While in business school, I took an Internet Marketing course which I found fascinating.

I worked at a digital agency as a marketing analyst after graduating, which was a great way to learn more about marketing and apply an analytical mindset. This was during a time when digital marketing was really starting to grow, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to and learn more about different aspects of marketing in every subsequent role I’ve had.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I’d want to learn how to flip houses! Joanna Gaines is my idol.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I have an almost-3-year-old daughter, so it feels like I never have any actual free time! I spend a lot of time with her, which I’m grateful to be able to do. I also love HGTV, so I enjoy anything interior decorating/renovation related.

Did I mention I love Joanna Gaines? I did a few home staging projects this past year with a real estate agent friend, and it was super fun! Here is one of my faves.

Carol, her husband, and their three year old daughter at Yosemite this past Summer

Carol, her husband, and their three year old daughter at Yosemite this past Summer


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